1857 Ke Chand Aham Kirdar By Zia Ud Din Pdf


Book Name: 1857 Ke Chand Aham Kirdar

Writer: Zia Ud Din Lahori

The 1857 Ke Chand Aham Kirdar Pdf is an excellent history book by Zia Ud Din Lahori. In this book, the writer describes the role of some persons in the independence war of 1857. It was when Indians decided to eliminate the East India Company rule and revolted. The British controlled the whole situation with the cooperation of some traitors. They killed thousands of people, including Hindus and Muslims.

The writer tributed to the freedom fighters of the war in this book. Zia Ud Din Lahori is a famous writer and historian who penned some excellent books. He explained some significant events in history and quoted reliable references. I hope you like to read the book 1857 Ke Chand Aham Kirdar Pdf by Zia Ud Din Lahori and share it with your friends on social media.

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