Aik Thi Aleeza Aik Tha Sheharzad By Nighat Seema Pdf

Book Name: Aik Thi Aleeza Aik Tha Sheharzad

Writer: Nighat Seema

Nighat Seema is the author of the novel Aik Thi Aleeza Aik Tha Sheharzad Pdf, a social and romantic story. It describes the life of a couple which involved in love with each other. The author gave the message that sometimes the misunderstandings gives serious harm, and the people should be careful about it.

Nighat Seema is a top female story writer and established novelist of Urdu. She authored hundreds of books and serialized novels which earned much respect and fame for her. She used her pen to educate the people about moral values. I hope you like to read the book Aik Thi Aleeza Aik Tha Sheharzad Pdf and share it with your contacts on social media.

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