Ajaib Ul Quran Urdu By Abdul Mustafa Azmi Pdf


Book Name: Ajaib Ul Quran Wa Gharaib Ul Quran

Writer: Allama Abdul Mustafa Azmi

The Ajaib Ul Quran PDF is an excellent Islamic book by Abdul Mustafa Azmi. In this book, the writer discussed the stories of the Quran, which contains the history of the past nations and predictions. Allah Almighty told some strange events of the different races in the Holy Quran, which hold lessons for the later people.

Allama Abdul Mustafa Azmi was a great scholar of Islam. He belonged to a famous religious family, and his father also was a great scholar. Abdul Mustafa Azmi has some excellent books on Islam and earned respect. I hope you like to read the book Ajaib Ul Quran PDF and share it with your social media friends.

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