Alauddin Khwarazm Shah Novel By Aslam Rahi Pdf

Book Name: Alauddin Khwarazm Shah

Writer: Aslam Rahi MA

The book Alauddin Khwarazm Shah Pdf is a history story which describes the life of Alauddin Khawarazam Shah. Aslam Rahi MA is the author of the book. He told the wars of Alauddin against the Mongols. He stopped the Mongols to enter in central Asia for the twenty years and got fame as the lion of Khwarazm.

Aslam Rahi MA is a prominent story writer of Urdu. He authored a large number of books, and most of them are on the history. He compiled the history of the heroes of the Muslims and introduced to the youth. I hope you like to read the book Alauddin Khwarazm Shah Pdf.

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