Ali Ahmad Sabir Kalyari By Waheed Ahmad Sabri Pdf


Book Name: Ali Ahmad Sabir Kalyari R.A

Writer: Waheed Ahmad Masood Sabri

The book Ali Ahmad Sabir Kalyari Pdf is an excellent biography of Makhdoom Ali Ahmad Sabir. Waheed Ahmad Sabri is the author of the book. He described the whole lifespan, teachings, meetings, Khulafa, and events of the life of Makhdoom Ali Ahmad Sabir.

Hazrat Ali Ahmad Sabir was a great saint of the Muslims. He was the nephew and Khalifa of Baba Farid Ganj Shakar and spent most of his life in Kalyar Sharif, according to the order of his mentor. I hope you like to read the book Ali Ahmad Sabir Kalyari Pdf by Waheed Ahmad Maqsood Sabri and share it.

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