Bar Barzakh Novel Urdu By Hina Kamran Pdf


Book Name: Bar Barzakh Novel

Writer: Hina Kamran

The Bar Barzakh Novel PDF is another excellent social, romantic, and tragic story by Hina Kamran. This story was published in a monthly digest and was appreciated by the readers. Hina Kamran describes the life of some criminals. They were involved in all kinds of crimes like human trafficking, killing, drug smuggling, etc.

Hina Kamran is a leading female story writer and established novelist of Urdu. She authored many excellent stories and serialized novels in her short writing career. Hina Kamran used her pen to educate the community on social and ethical issues. She is a regular writer for the monthly digests and magazines. I hope you like and share the book Bar Barzakh Novel PDF by Hina Kamran.

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