Buqrat Urdu Biography By Malik Ashfaq Pdf

Book Name: Buqrat Urdu Biography

Writer: Malik Ashfaq

The book Buqrat Urdu Biography Pdf is an excellent writing on the life of Hippocrate by Malik Ashfaq. In this book, the author talked about the life, work, and achievements of Hippocrate. He was born in Greece five centuries before Christ. He believed in God but did not give any name to him.

Hippocrate was the first who tried the modern method to cure any disease. He was the expert of cure by medicine and different herbs. He also knew about oxygen and its functions but did not allow any name to it. Moreover, he sat some hypotheses that promoted laters. His quotes about life and its reality are famous in scholars.

Malik Ashfaq is a researcher, biographer, and writer of Urdu. In his brilliant writing career, he authored some excellent biographies of different heroes and notable characters in the past. Moreover, he quoted the references of English writers in his writings. I hope you like to read the book Buqrat Urdu Biography Pdf and share it.

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