Car Shalwar Aur Dopatta By Ahmed Yar Khan Pdf

Book Name: Car Shalwar Aur Dopatta

Writer: Ahmed Yar Khan

The book Car Shalwar Aur Dopatta Pdf contains some crime and investigation stories. In these stories, the writer describes the life of a girl who bore many pains in her life. She lost her respect and faced harassment in society. Meanwhile, he talked about the social and ethical values in our community.

The author of the book is a former police officer and a writer. He describes the details of his cases at the time of service. Moreover, he discussed the reasons for the crimes. Ahmed Yar Khan told the perfect scenario of rural Punjab. He commented about the custom of revenge and its implementation. I hope you like the book Car Shalwar Aur Dopatta Pdf and share it with other readers.

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