Das Karor Main Do Shaitan By Mazhar Kaleem Pdf

Book Name: Das Karor Main Do Shaitan

Writer: Mazhar Kaleem MA

The book Das Karor Main Do Shaitan Pdf is a thrilling, suspense, and action story which is a part of Imran Series Mazhar Kaleem. In this novel, the writer describes the action of Ali Imran and his team against the agents of Kafirstan. Pakasia started a secret missile program in a jungle where stored some nuclear assets also. The agents of enemies entered there in the cover of villagers. Ali Imran arrested and killed them during a fight full of bloodshed.

Mazhar Kaleem is a famous name in Urdu fiction writers and novelists of contemporary time. He authored hundreds of stories and action novels but earned fame for his Imran Series. So, he penned more than four hundred parts of it and introduced many lifetime characters. Moreover, Mazhar Kaleem gave many useful information and scientific facts in his novels. I hope you like to read Das Karor Main Do Shaitan Pdf and share it.

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