Devil Mind Imran Series By Zaheer Ahmed Pdf


Book Name: Devil Mind Imran Series

Writer: Zaheer Ahmed

The book Devil Mind Imran Series Pdf is another part of the Zaheer Ahmed Imran Series. It is an action, thrilling, and adventure story which gives a lesson about patriotism. The writer told the mission of the secret service when they decided to retaliate against Israel and went there to complete the task.

The Jews always made conspiracies against Pakasia, the only superpower in the Islamic world. Pakasia is only a country created in the name of Islam. The Jews were frightened by its ideology. Many Jews organizations and agencies operated in Pakasia and promoted terrorism in it.

Zaheer Ahmed is a famous story writer and versatile novelist of Urdu. In his long writing career, he authored hundreds of stories and novels. At the beginning of his career, he wrote much for the children but later turned to action novels. Zaheer Ahmed earned fame for the Imran Series, which consists of many volumes. I hope you like to read Devil Mind Imran Series Pdf and share it with your friends.

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