Dil e wehshi by Ibn e Insha Pdf Free download


Book Name: Dil e Wehshi

Writer: Ibn e Insha


Dil e wehshi is written by Ibn e Insha. Dil e Wehshi  is mainly a poetry book. The author of the book Ibn e Insha was a journalist, diplomat, poet, humorist, and radio artist. He authored many books which were on various subjects, but he is known for his humor work and style.

Ibn e Insha traveled much in the world for his UN duty. He saw the different nations and civilizations. He has an in-depth study of the history and psychology. He saw the progress and achievements of the western countries carefully. He narrated his experiences in his travelogue books.

A very rare people know that Ibn e Insha was a good poet also. He said some good poems and stanzas. The book Dil e Wehshi is the collection of poetry by Ibn e Insha. It includes the verses and long poems.I hope you will like the book Dil e Wehshi.

I hope you like it as other books of Ibn e Insha like Nagri Nagri Phira Musafir, Urdu Ki Aakhri Kitab and much more. You can join us on facebook and twitter. You can also subscribe the website for updates about a fresh material.

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