Dil Ki Dharkan Ho Tum Novel By Farwa Mushtaq Pdf

Book Name: Dil Ki Dharkan Ho Tum Novel

Writer: Farwa Mushtaq

The book Dil Ki Dharkan Ho Tum Pdf is an excellent social, patriotic, and romantic story by Farwa Mushtaq. It wrote in the context of the war on terror and the role of Pakistan in it. The writer told about the bravery and missions of an army officer. The man played a vital role in the safety of his motherland and sacrificed for it.

The author tells the story about patriotism, loyalty, and love. She tributed the people who gave their lives for the country’s glory and left their families in pain. She explained the difficulties of their wives who spent their later life alone.

Farwa Mushtaq is a leading female story writer and top novelist with some super hit stories on her credit. She is writing for the digests and magazine. She focused on some sensitive issues people discussed in her novels. I hope you like to read Dil Ki Dharkan Ho Tum Pdf and share it with your friends.

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