End Of Time Urdu By Dr Shahid Masood Pdf Free


Book Name: End Of Time Urdu

Writer: Dr. Shahid Masood


Dr. Shahid Masood is the author of End Of Time Urdu. This book is about the predictions about future in the light of Quran and Sunnah. Dr. Shahid Masood is a famous TV host and scholar. He presented a television program with the name of End Of Time Urdu for many years.

In this program, Shahid Masood told about the future days situation. He spoke about Armajdun and Mehdi. He described the Dajjal and his followers. Shahid also discussed the scenario of Ghazwa e Hind which predicted by Prophet of Islam. Dr. Shahid Masood used authentic references and religious research. I hope you like this book End Of Time Urdu.

Dr. Shahid Masood is a famous media anchor person and political analyst. He presents the famous TV talk shows and interviews. Shahid Masood worked as a head of Pakistan state TV channel for some time. He has a sound knowledge about the international relations and world politics.

Here on the website, you can download all Urdu books and novels in pdf format. You can download the book End Of Time Urdu also by clicking the below link. You may read Qayamat Ke Baghi by Ishtiaq Ahmed Pdf Download and Ummat e Musalma ka Urooj o Zawal by Prof Habibullah Chishti.

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