Ertugrul Ghazi Novel by Muhammad Irfan Ramay Pdf

Book Name: Ertugrul Ghazi Novel

Writer: Muhammad Irfan Ramay

The book Ertugrul Ghazi Novel Pdf is a super hit story by Muhammad Irfan Ramay. He is a famous writer, researcher, historian, and novelist. He authored some excellent books and novels that gained the appreciation of the readers. Muhammad Irfan Ramay used his pen to educate the Muslims on their past. In this book, he gave much useful information about Ghazi Ertugrul, the founding father of Sultanate Usmania.

Ertugrul Ghazi was the chief of the Qai tribe in Turkistan and a son of Suleman Shah. He united his tribe and defeated the Christians and other local rulers. The book Ertugrul Ghazi Novel describes his success, struggle, and courage. The writer mentioned his bravery and expert in warfare.

Muhammad Irfan Ramay took the central idea of the novel from a television serial Diliris Ertughral. It was a Turkish drama that telecasted on PTV in Urdu dubbing. This serial got a high viewership and viral on social media as well. The people appreciated their characters and imagined as a hero. I hope you like the book Ertugrul Ghazi Novel Pdf and share it with your friends.

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