Fareb e Nazar Novel By Naveen Saleem Pdf


Book Name: Fareb e Nazar Novel

Writer: Naveen Saleem

Fareb e Nazar Novel is a romantic, social, and tragic story by Naveen Saleem. It was published in a digest and got the appreciation of the readers for its unique topic. Naveen Saleem describes the life of a girl who married a clever boy. They had a difference in opinions and decided on a separation. Later, the girl lost her respect and became a call girl.

Naveen Saleem is an emerging story writer and talented female novelist. In her career, she authored many superb romance stories and serialized novels. Naveen Saleem is a regular writer for digests and trying to educate the community on various issues. I hope you like the book Fareb e Nazar Novel Pdf and share it.

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