Ghazwa e Badar By Muhammad Ahmad Bashmail Pdf


Book Name: Ghazwa e Badar Urdu

Writer: Allama Muhammad Ahmad Bashmail

The book Ghazwa e Badar Urdu PDF is about the first war between the Muslims and the Mushrikeen of Makkah. Allama Muhammad Ahmad Bashmail is the author of the book. Ghazwa Badar was the first war against Muslims. The Muslims were low in numbers, but Allah helped them.

The Muslims remained victorious in that war. The Prophet of Islam led himself in this expedition. The writer told all the details in this book. Muhammad Ahmad Bashmail is a famous Arab writer who authored many books on the history of Islam. All his writings were translated into other languages, and this is an Urdu version. I hope you like reading the Ghazwa e Badar Urdu PDF by Muhammad Ahmad Bashmail and sharing it with your social media friends.

You can download the Muhammad Ahmad Bashmail Books in PDF here. You may read Ghazwa e Ahzab, Ghazwa e Hunain Urdu, and Ghazwa Bani Quraiza. If you like more, subscribe to our website for updates about new posts.

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