Har Pal Sath Novel By Dua Fatima Pdf Download


Book Name: Har Pal Sath Novel

Writer: Dua Fatima

The book Har Pal Sath Novel Pdf is another excellent social, action, and crime story by Dua Fatima. In this story, the writer describes the life of a brave girl who lost her parents in the past. She wanted to get revenge for her parents killed by some enemies. In the end, the girl succeeded in her aim with the support of some people.

The author gave the lesson of hope, courage, and patience in this story. She explained the myth behind the revenge, which provokes the people to do it. Meanwhile, she mentioned the painful life of the people who lost their loved ones in enmity.

Dua Fatima is a talented female story writer and emerging novelist of Urdu. In her short career, she produced some excellent stories and serialized novels for the digests. She built her writing style and wrote on different topics. I hope you like to read Har Pal Sath Novel Pdf and share it with your contacts on social media.

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