Hazoor Ki Rishtadar Khawateen By Shehnaz Kausar


Book Name: Hazoor Ki Rishtadar Khawateen

Writer: Shehnaz Kausar


Shehnaz Kausar is the author of Hazoor Ki Rishtadar Khawateen. The book is about women who have a blood relation with the Prophet of Islam. In the history of Islam, there are a large number of women from Quraish who embraced Islam. Many of these women have a close relationship with Hazrat Muhammad PBUH.

Shehnaz Kausar is a famous journalist. She produced this helpful book after lengthy research. He collected the data from hundreds of books and compiled it into one volume. I hope you will like the book Hazoor Ki Rishtadar Khawateen and share it with your friends.

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