Ibne Adam By Apa Bano Qudsia Pdf Download

Book Name: Ibne Adam

Writer: Bano Qudsia

The book Ibne Adam Pdf is a collection of two short stories by Bano Qudsia. The author discussed many social issues in these stories. She told the realities of life and the respect for the man in the court of Allah Almighty. She explained the emotions of hate and love, joy and sadness, etc.

Bano Qudsia is a top female writer who authored dozens of superb novels and short stories books. She is a spiritualist and believes in Islamic Sufism. She criticised the violation of women rights in her writings. I hope you like to read the book Ibne Adam Pdf and share it.

Here you can download Bano Qudsia books in free pdf. You may read Hasil GhatPathron Ki Palkon Par, and Amar Bail.

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