Ik Sitara Jo Kehkshan Hogia By Rabeea Amjad Pdf

Book Name: Ik Sitara Jo Kehkshan Hogia Novel

Writer: Rabeea Amjad

The book Ik Sitara Jo Kehkshan Hogia Pdf is an excellent social, romantic, and patriotic story by Rabeea Amjad. It wrote in the context of the war on terror and the virtues of Shahadat. The writer told about the life of an army officer who embraced Shahadat in the fight against the terrorist. He sacrificed his life for the sake of his motherland and found eternal life.


Rabeea Amjad is a talented female story writer and an established novelist of Urdu. She is writing for the digests and penned many brilliant stories and serialised novels. She is promoting patriotism and loyalty in the Pakistanis. Rabeea Amjad highlighted the bravery and courage of the soldiers of Pakistan army who are fighting against the enemies of their country. She is educating the community on moral values. I hope you like to read the book Ik Sitara Jo Kehkshan Hogia Pdf and share it with your social media contacts.

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