Imam Hussain Aur Waqia Karbala By Zafarullah


Book Name: Imam Hussain Aur Waqia Karbala

Writer: Hafiz Zafarullah Shafique

Hafiz Zafar Ullah Shafique excellently writes the book Imam Hussain Aur Waqia Karbala Pdf. In this book, the author describes the details of the Waqia Karbala. He explained the role of Yazeed and Ibne Zayad in it. He discussed the courage of Hazrat Imam Hussain A.S.

In the 61st year after Hijrah, Hazrat Imam Hussain raised his voice against Yazid Ibn Muavia. Imam Hussain took his family and companions to Kufa. Moreover, he got an invitation from the people of Iraq to lead the movement against the rule of Banu Ummayyad.

Hafiz Zafar Ullah Shafique is an excellent writer, historian, and scholar. In his brilliant writing career, he authored some great books, and this writing is one of them. Meanwhile, he quoted the trustable references in the text. I hope you like to read the book Imam Hussain Aur Waqia Karbala Pdf and share it with your friends.

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