Jada O Manzil Urdu By Syed Qutb Shaheed Pdf

Book Name: Jada O Manzil

Writer: Syed Qutb Shaheed

The book Jada O Manzil Pdf is an excellent autobiography of Syed Qutb Shaheed. In this book, the writer describes his life, struggle, and teachings. Syed Qutb Shaheed explained the obligations of Jihad and the ways to achieve it. He gave the lesson of effort to the people and invited them to join him.

Syed Qutb Shaheed was a famous scholar and revolutionary leader in Egypt. He was the founder of Ikhwan Ul Muslimeen, a religious and political party. This book caused the execution of its author. I hope you like to read the Jada O Manzil Pdf by Syed Qutb Shaheed and share it with your friends.

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