Jannati Zewar By Allama Abdul Mustafa Azmi Pdf

Book Name: Jannati Zewar Urdu

Writer: Allama Abdul Mustafa Azmi

The book Jannati Zewar Pdf is an excellent writing on the teachings of Islam and the beliefs of the Muslims. The writer divided the book into many chapters like beliefs, prayers, ethics, morality, stories, and traditions. He discussed the acts of the Muslims and told about the advice of Islam regarding it.

Allama Abdul Mustafa mentioned many Ayat of the Holy Quran, Hadith of the Holy Prophet, and the references of many other scholars in Jannati Zewar Pdf. He discussed the issues of the Muslims in the modern age and gave the solution to the problems according to Islam. He proved that Islam is a complete code of Islam which guide in every matter of life.

Maulana Abdul Mustafa Azmi was a famous scholar of Islam, writer, and a politician. He was a member of a religious family who migrated from India to Pakistan. He authored some useful books for the Muslims and participated in parliamentary politics. I hope you like to read the book Jannati Zewar Pdf and share it.

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