Khaki Wardi Lal Lahu Novel By Inayatullah Pdf

Book Name: Khaki Wardi Lal Lahu

Writer: Inayatullah

The book Khaki Wardi Lal Lahu Pdf is a novel by Inayatullah. It is the second part of his great story Tahira. In this book, the writer describes the life of a man who sacrificed his life for his motherland. The book is a patriotic story which enhanced the feelings of patriotism in the readers.

Inayatullah was one of the top story writers of Urdu. He authored many books and novels with different pen names. He had a unique writing style and used it to educate the community about civic sense. I hope you like to read the book Khaki Wardi Lal Lahu Pdf and share it.

Here you can download Inayatullah Novels in pdf. You may read Parcham Urta Raha, Tareek Ujale Novel, and Patan Patan Ke Papi.

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