Khalid Bin Waleed Urdu By Sufi Karam Ilahi Urdu Pdf

Book Name: Khalid Bin Waleed

Writer: Sufi Karam Ilahi

The book Khalid Bin Waleed Pdf is an excellent Urdu biography of Hazrat Khalid Ibn Waleed R.A. He was a companion of Rasool Allah SAW. He was a great military commander who served Islam with his skills and got the title of Saifullah from the Holy Prophet SAW.

Sufi Karam Ilahi was a famous religious scholar, speaker, and writer. He served Islam for many years and authored some excellent books on Islam and biography. He used his pen to save the respect of the Holy Prophet SAW. I hope you like to read the book Khalid Bin Waleed Pdf and share it.

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