Khanqah Novel Urdu By Mazhar Ul Haq Alvi Pdf


Book Name: Khanqah Novel Urdu

Writer: Matthew Gregory Lewis

Translator: Mazhar Ul Haq Alvi

The book Khanqah Novel Pdf is an Urdu translation of a famous English novel, The Monk. Matthew Gregory Lewis is the author, and Mazhar Ul Haq Alvi is the book’s translator. In this novel, the writer describes some hidden facts about Christianity in the past.

Matthew Gregory Lewis describes the sinful acts and deeds of the religious leaders of Christians. They awarded the people the tickets to eternal life but did not follow the religion’s principles. Meanwhile, they stood against nature and gave ridiculous theories to the people.

Matthew Gregory Lewis was a famous English novelist, story writer, poet, and politician. In his career, he authored many great books and novels. Matthew Gregory Lewis was the first who introduce horror in English stories. Moreover, he criticized the religious people boldly and raised his voice for reforms.

Mazhar Ul Haq Alvi was a famous novelist, story writer, and translator in India. He authored many books and novels in his career but earned fame as a translator. He converted many books from English to Urdu, and Khanqah Novel is one of them. Mazhar Ul Haq Alvi’s credit was serving the Urdu readers with dozens of books.

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