Khasais e Ahlebait Urdu By Irfan Ilahi Qadri Pdf

Book Name: Khasais e Ahlebait Urdu

Writer: Sahibzada Irfan Ilahi Qadri

The book Khasais e Ahlebait Pdf is an excellent Islamic book by Sahibzada Irfan Ilahi Qadri. In this book, Irfan Ilahi Qadri describes the superiority of the family of the Holy Prophet. They have the benefit of the relationship with Rasool Allah SAW. The writer quoted many Ayah of the Quran and Hadith e Nabvi.

Sahibzada Irfan Ilahi is a famous religious scholar and writer. He is a passionate lover of Rasool Allah SAW and wrote this book in this contact. He authored some other books on different topics. I hope you like to read the book Khasais e Ahlebait Pdf by Sahibzada Ifran Ilahi Qadri and share it with your friends.

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