Khatarnak Samundari Makhlooq By A Hameed Pdf


Book Name: Khatarnak Samundari Makhlooq

Writer: A Hameed

The book Khatarnak Samundari Makhlooq Pdf is about Allama Ibne Rushd, a great Muslim scholar. A Hameed is the author of the book. He wrote an excellent series Namwar Muslman Tabeeb Aur Alam. This book is also one part of that series. In this book, he told the details of a young man’s meeting with Allama Ibne Rushd.

A Hameed was a famous fiction story writer, novelist, biographer, and travelogue writer. He had a vast knowledge of history and geography. He authored many super-hit books and novels. The readers liked Hameed novels for his writing style. I hope you want to read the book Khatarnak Samundari Makhlooq Pdf and share it with your social media contacts.

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