Koi Aisa Ahle Dil Ho Novel By Nabeela Aziz Pdf


Book Name: Koi Aisa Ahle Dil Ho

Writer: Nabeela Aziz

The book Koi Aisa Ahle Dil Ho Pdf is a collection of some social and romantic stories by Nabeela Aziz. In this book, the writer discusses many social and moral issues. She told the feelings of women when they fall in love. She highlighted the importance of relations for a happy life.

The author gave the lesson of caring for the relationship. She conveyed the message of struggle, hard work, patience, and hope in the story. Meanwhile, she mentioned many evils which changed our moral values and traditions. Nabeela Aziz tried to educate the community.

Nabeela Aziz is a famous female story writer and novelist of Urdu. She is a regular writer for the digests and very popular with women. In her long writing career, Nabeela authored some super-hit stories. Furthermore, she wrote some tv dramas, which gained much fame for her. I hope you like reading the Koi Aisa Ahle Dil Ho Pdf and sharing it with your friends.

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