Kuliyaat e Niazi By Alhaj Abdul Sattar Niazi Pdf

Book Name: Kuliyaat e Niazi

Writer: Alhaj Abdul Sattar Niazi

The book Kuliyaat e Niazi Pdf is a collection of poetry by Alhaj Abdul Sattar Niazi. The book contains Naats, Qasida, Manqabat etc. The author showed his love for the Prophet SAW of the Islam in his poetry. He quoted the references of the Holy Quran and the Hadiths in the praise of the Holy Prophet SAW.

Abdul Sattar Niazi was a popular writer, poet and scholar. He compiled many excellent Naats in the praise of the Prophet of Islam. He got fame for his Punjabi Kalam which is reciting in all the Mahafils of the Ahle Sunnat. Now, you can read online the book Kuliyaat e Niazi Pdf and share it.

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