Man Dare Ishq Bashuma Hastam By Samreen Shah Pdf

Book Name: Man Dare Ishq Bashuma Hastam Novel

Writer: Samreen Shah

The book Man Dare Ishq Bashuma Hastam Novel Pdf is an excellent social and romantic story by Samreen Shah. In this novel, the writer describes the evil custom of Vani, which is found in the rural areas of southern Punjab and Balochistan. The people end the hostility against the forced marriage of a girl.

Samreen Shah is a talented female story writer and novelist of Urdu who authored some excellent stories and novels. She penned the sensitive social issues and tried to educate and aware of the community. Samreen Shah criticized social evils bravely in her books and adopted a unique writing style. She wants the reforms in our society so that we escape from the criticism of the world’s violation of women’s rights.

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