Maqamat e Imam Azam By Hafizuddin Kardari Pdf


Book Name: Maqamat e Imam Azam

Writer: Imam Hafizuddin Kardari

The book Maqamat e Imam Azam Pdf is about the life, character, teachings, and achievements of Imam Abu Hanifa R.A. Imam Hafizuddin Kardari is the book’s author. The writer discussed Imam Abu Hanifa’s status among Islam scholars. He quoted the other scholars also.

Imam Hafizuddin Kardari was a great scholar of Islam and wrote some excellent books. He wrote all the books in the Arabic language. His books were translated into other languages of the world. This book is also an Urdu version of the Arabic edition. I hope you like to read the book Maqamat e Imam Azam Pdf and share it with your friends.

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