Mere Mashhoor Muqadmay By SM Zafar Pdf

Book Name: Mere Mashhoor Muqadmay

Writer: Syed Muhammad Zafar

The book Mere Mashhoor Muqadmay Pdf is famously written by SM Zafar, a treasure of knowledge and information. It is a collection of many famous cases that SM Zafar presented in different courts in Pakistan. These petitions made history and changed politics in the country.

In his long professional career, Syed Muhammad Zafar filed many constitutional petitions in the courts. He attended meetings with the ruling elite and the judges. He knew the facts behind the events and frequently told them in this book. Zafar was very close to the government when East Pakistan separated.

SM Zafar is a famous lawyer, legislative, intellectual, and writer. He belonged to a religious family that had a political influence also. SM Zafar founded Zafar associates, which helps people in legal matters. His son Ali Zafar also has a political background and worked as a law minister in the interim setup. I hope you like to read the book Mere Mashhoor Muqadmay Pdf and share it with your contacts.

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