Muhammad Bin Qasim Urdu By Maqsood Sheikh Pdf

Book Name: Muhammad Bin Qasim Urdu

Writer: Maqsood Sheikh

The book Muhammad Bin Qasim Urdu Pdf is an excellent biography of the great Muslim military leader and the conqueror of Sindh. Maqsood Sheikh is the author of the book. He told about the expedition led by Ibne Qasim and the battle of Raja Dahir and the Muslim troops. He mentioned the details of the conquests of the Muslims in India.

Mohammad Bin Qasim was an Arab Muslim who led the campaign against Raja Dahir. He invaded most of Sindh and continued it to Multan. He defeated the ruler of Multan, but the new Caliph decided to bring him back. Mohammad Bin Qasim was the nephew of Hajjaj Bin Yousaf, the governor of Iraq and the memorable character of the Umayyad dynasty.

Maqsood Sheikh is a famous writer and researcher who authored some excellent books. He wrote on different subjects but earned fame for his historical writings. He penned the biographies of the prominent personalities of the Muslims. I hope you like to read the book Muhammad Bin Qasim Urdu Pdf and share it with your friends.

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