Mujrim Shikari Novel By Aatir Shaheen Pdf


Book Name: Mujrim Shikari Novel

Writer: Aatir Shaheen

The book Mujrim Shikari Novel PDF is an excellent social, thrilling, and action story by Aatir Shaheen. It was published in a digest in the episode and got the readers’ attention from its first release. In this novel, Aatir Shaheen describes a Pakistani hunter’s expedition to Brazil. He faced many strange events and was captured by some tribal men. The story is suspenseful, and the writer gives helpful information about the world.

Aatir Shaheen is a famous story writer and established male novelist. He is a regular writer for digests and Urdu magazines. Aatir Shaheed produced dozens of stories and action novels available in book shape. He tried to educate the readers on public and world issues through his pen. I hope you like reading the book Mujrim Shikari Novel PDF and sharing it with your social media friends.

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