Nasikh Wa Mansookh By Imam Qattada Bin Dama Pdf

Book Name: Nasikh Wa Mansookh

Writer: Imam Qattada Bin Dama

The book Nasikh Wa Mansookh Pdf is an excellent writing on the Quran and its explanation by Imam Qattada Bin Dama. The original edition is in the Arabic language, and this writing is an Urdu translation by Liaqat Ali Rizvi.

In this book, Imam Qattada Bin Dama talked about different Ayats of the Holy Quran that changed with other Ayats later. There is a contradiction in the Ulema about the numbers of such Ayats, but they had unanimous views that such Ayats are part of the Quran, but a Muslim is not bound to follow them.

Imam Qattada Bin Dama was a famous scholar and writer of Arabic. In his writing career, he authored many excellent books on Quran, Hadith, and Fiqh. Moreover, he was blind from eyes and was a disciple of Hassan Basri R.A. Both spent many years together and spread the knowledge. I hope you like to read the book Nasikh Wa Mansookh Pdf and share it.

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