Naulakhi Kothi Novel by Ali Akbar Natiq Pdf


Book Name: Naulakhi Kothi Novel

Writer: Ali Akbar Natiq

The book Naulakhi Kothi Novel Pdf is an excellent social, historical, and cultural story by Ali Akbar Natiq. He is a leading story writer, poet, and top novelist of Urdu. However, he started his writing career very late but soon made his name among the first-line writers.

Ali Akbar Natiq wrote some classical stories on various topics that gained readers’ appreciation. He painted an accurate picture of rural life in his novels. Moreover, Ali Akbar Natiq collected the actual events and chose the characters around us. It made his stories close to the exact condition of society.

The book Naulakhi Kothi Novel Pdf is another fantastic work by Ali Akbar Natiq. In this book, he talked about the partition of India. He discussed its impact on the life of the people. Moreover, Ali Akbar Natiq mentioned the tragedies that bear the people who migrated from one part to another country. I hope you like the book Naulakhi Kothi Novel Pdf and share it.

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