Neel Mehal Ki Raqasa By MA Rahat Pdf Download

Book Name: Neel Mehal Ki Raqasa

Writer: MA Rahat

The book Neel Mehal Ki Raqasa Pdf is an excellent social, history, and adventure story by MA Rahat. It published first in a digest and got high appreciation and readership. The writer talked about the treasures of the times of the pharaoh. He said that some people are searching for it in the pyramids, and they harmed the historical assets. He talked about different events and strange characters in the story.

MA Rahat was a top professional story writer and novelist of Urdu. He wrote much for the digests and magazines of Urdu and played his role in increasing its circulation. In his long writing career, he authored hundreds of novels and stories. He wrote on different topics like romance, social issues, comedy, suspense, and thrill but earned a name for action and horror novels. I hope you like to read the book Neel Mehal Ki Raqasa Pdf and share it with your social media sites friends.

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