Paighambar e Islam Aur Tijarat By Mehmood Zafar Pdf


Book Name: Paighambar e Islam Aur Tijarat

Writer: Hakeem Mehmood Ahmad Zafar

Paighambar e Islam Aur Tijarat Pdf is another excellent book by Hakeem Mehmood Ahmad Zafar. The writer describes the basic principles of trading in Islam in this book. He gave examples from the Holy Prophet S.A.W.’s life, who was a famous trader in Arab before the Prophethood.

Rasool Allah S.A.W. set a high honesty, trustworthiness, and skill standard. His reliability influenced Hazrat Khadija R.A, who decided to marry him. Hakeem Mehmood Ahmad Zafar is a famous writer and scholar of Islam. I hope you like to read the book Paighambar e Islam Aur Tijarat Pdf by Mehmood Ahmad Zafar and share it with your friends.

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