Phanda Ya Shikanja By Afzaal Mazhar Anjum Pdf

Book Name: Phanda Ya Shikanja

Writer: Afzaal Mazhar Anjum

The book Phanda Ya Shikanja Pdf is an excellent book on the Pakistani politics. Afzaal Mazhar Anjum took a brief analysis of Pakistani politics and predicted to the future. He explained the role of the politicians and discussed the dirty politics of the political parties.

Afzaal Mazhar Anjum is a famous Pakistani writer and journalist. He authored some excellent books which contains much knowledge and information. He had a vast understanding of Politics and the character of the politicians. I hope you like to read the book Phanda Ya Shikanja Pdf and share it.

Here you can download Afzaal Mazhar Anjum books in pdf. You may read Siyasat Ke Firaun, Pakistan Ke Dehi Khuda, and Siyasi Mulaqatain.

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