Pyas Novel Urdu By M Ilyas Pdf Download

Book Name: Pyas Novel

Writer: M Ilyas

The book Pyas Novel Pdf is a great social, romantic, and adventure story by M Ilyas. The writer describes the life of a girl who belonged to a rich family. She wanted to marry someone who loves her not her wealth. She involved in an adventure which ended happily. A man took her into his home and declared her a daughter.

M Ilyas is a famous story writer and novelist. He authored some excellent stories and novels. He regularly wrote for the monthly digests and all his stories published first in the episode form. I hope you like the book Pyas Novel Pdf and share it.

Here you can download M Ilyas novels in pdf. . You may read Noreen Novel Urdu, Aaina Khana Novel, and Kalay Mandir Ka Pujari.


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