Qalam Bardashta By Sahibzada Khurshid Ahmad Gilani

Book Name: Qalam Bardashta

Writer: Sahibzada Khurshid Gilani

The book Qalam Bardashta Pdf is a collection of some articles of Sahibzada Khurshid Ahmad Gilani. The writer discussed on many social, religious, and moral issues in it. He described the teachings of Islam the acts of our forefathers. He told the changes in the moral values of the society.

Sahibzada Khurshid Ahmad Gilani was a famous scholar, writer, thinker, and columnist. He authored some great books which are popular all the time. He wrote a daily column in a newspaper of Urdu. I hope you like to read the book Qalam Bardashta Pdf. You may read Al Huda Urdu By Sahibzada Khurshid Ahmad Gilani and Dil Darya Samunder By Wasif Ali Wasif.

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