Qissa Nisf Sadi Ka Novel By Mohiuddin Nawab Pdf

Book Name: Qissa Nisf Sadi Ka

Writer: Mohiuddin Nawab

The book Qissa Nisf Sadi Ka Pdf is a social, reform, and patriotic story which describes the history of Pakistan. Mohiuddin Nawab is the author of the book. He describes the creation of Pakistan and the time of United India. He compares the situation of Pakistan with the time before the partition of India.

In the book, the writer criticized the politicians who do not perform their duties. He mentioned the reasons for which the military commanders intervention the governance. Meanwhile, he talked about the future plan that could end the difficulties of the nation.

Mohiuddin Nawab was one of the great story writers of Urdu. In his long writing career, he authored hundreds of stories and novels. Moreover, he used his writing skills to educate the people and explanation of knowledge. I hope you like to read the book Qissa Nisf Sadi Ka pdf and share it with your friends on social media.

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