Raat Ka Raaz By Ahmad Yar Khan Pdf Download

Book Name: Raat Ka Raaz

Writer: Ahmad Yar Khan

The book Raat Ka Raaz Pdf is a collection of some crime stories. The author of the book Ahmad Yar Khan is a former police officer and the author of some excellent stories books. He compiled some stories from the details of cases of his police service. He has a vast experience of the investigation.

Ahmad Yar Khan discussed the reasons for the crimes and the psyche of the criminals. He gave vast knowledge and information about Punjab at the time of the British rule. I hope you like the book Raat Ka Raaz Pdf and share it.

Here you can download Ahmad Yar Khan books in pdf. You may read Adhure Ishq Ka Qissa, Pyar Ki Saleeb Par, and Aarzoo Ke Marhalay.

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