Raat Rail Aur Ruqqay Novel By Mehboob Alam Pdf

Book Name: Raat Rail Aur Ruqqay

Writer: Mehboob Alam

The book Raat Rail Aur Ruqqay Pdf is a collection of six social, crime, and investigation stories by Inspector Mehboob Alam. In these stories, the writer describes many social events and activities that ended on a crime. The book includes the stories like Sohni Mahiwal Aur Qazi, Khudkushi Se Qatal Tak, Behan Biwi Aur Black Mailing, Dilon Ke Bhaidi, Soknain Sala Aur Steno, and Parda Jo Mein Ne Dala.

Mehboob Alam mentioned the life in rural Punjab and the tradition of revenge. He explained the social, cultural, political, and economic activities of the people. He commented on the rule of law in the time of the British government in India.

Inspector Mehboob Alam was a former police officer who later became a writer. In his long service in the department, he investigated many crimes. Then, he compiled these inquiries in the pattern of a story published in a monthly digest. The writer told the psyche of the people involved in a crime. I hope you like to read the book Raat Rail Aur Ruqqay Pdf and share it.

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