Raqabat Novel By Mehmood Ahmad Moodi Pdf

Book Name: Raqabat Novel

Writer: Mehmood Ahmad Moodi

The book Raqabat Novel pdf is a social, romantic, and thrill story which contains a lot of suspense. Mehmood Ahmad Moodi is the author of it. He told the life of a girl who became in showbiz. She wanted to fulfil all her desires but deceived by some of her family members.

Mehmood Ahmad Moodi is a famous novelist and story writer. He authored some great novels and stories which published in the episode in a monthly magazine. Mehmood Ahmad Moodi translated many books from English to Urdu. I hope you like to read the book Raqabat Novel Pdf. You may read Dushman e Jaan Novel By Mehmood Ahmed Moodi and God Father Urdu Novel By Mehmood Ahmad Moodi.


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