Saanp Sadhu Aur Noje Ki Kahani By Sabir Rajpoot Pdf

Book Name: Saanp Sadhu Aur Noje Ki Kahani

Writer: Sabir Hussain Rajpoot

The book Saanp Sadhu Aur Noje Ki Kahani Pdf is an excellent collection of some great social, romantic, and crime stories by Sabir Hussain Rajpoot. The writer described some real events of his hunting which ended on a crime. He explained the social and moral values of the community.

Sabir Hussain Rajpoot is a top story writer of Urdu who wrote many stories for the monthly Hikayat digest. He gave much information in his novels and explained the reasons for crimes also. I hope you like to read the book Saanp Sadhu Aur Noje Ki Kahani Pdf and share it.

Here you can download Sabir Hussain Rajpoot books in pdf. You may read Pagli Ka Panja, Qabar Ka Bhed, and Larki Chor Aur Sipahi.


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