Saga Novel By Bint e Sadiq Pdf Download


Book Name: Saga Novel

Writer: Bint e Sadiq

The book Saga Novel Urdu Pdf is an excellent social, crime, thrilling, and suspense story by Bint e Sadiq. It was published in episode form in a digest and gained a broad appreciation for its unique writing style and topic. In this novel, Bint e Sadiq describes the career of a Chinese police officer. He was investigating the financial activities of a business lady.

Bint e Sadiq is a talented female story writer and an emerging novelist. She is writing for the digests and magazines of Urdu. She penned many excellent episodic stories and romance novels, which earned respect for her. Bint e Sadiq introduced some new trends in Urdu writing. I hope you like to read the book Saga Novel Urdu PDF and share it with your friends.

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