Sagar Kinare Novel By Umme Taifoor Pdf Download

Book Name: Sagar Kinare Novel

Writer: Umme Taifoor

The book Sagar Kinare Novel Pdf is an excellent social, cultural, and romantic story by Umme Taifoor. It released in the episode in a monthly digest of Urdu and gained an excellent response from its first episode. The writer describes the life of a girl who had the liability of a large family. She did work hard to fulfill her duties and manage all the matters very well. The author gave the lesson of courage, work hard, and hard hope for future life.

Umme Taifoor is a talented female story writer and established novelist of Urdu. She started her career as a writer a few years ago with the digests and magazines. She authored some excellent stories and serialized novels that gained a high readership. Umme Taifoor wrote on different topics and earned fame for her unique writing style.

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