Samandar Mein Seerhi Poetry By Qateel Shifai Pdf

Book Name: Samandar Mein Seerhi

Writer: Qateel Shifai

The book Samandar Mein Seerhi Pdf is an excellent collection of Urdu poetry by Qateel Shifai. It includes the stanzas and funny poems which explains the politics, social values, and moral status of the community. The writer satire on the evils of the society in the book.

Qateel Shifai was a great writer and poet of Urdu who earned fame for his superb songs, poems, and ghazals. Some of her lyrics sang by the great singers of the film industry. He was equally famous in Pakistan and India. I hope you like to read the book Samandar Mein Seerhi Pdf and share it.

Here you can download Qateel Shifai poetry books in pdf. You may read Kulliyat e Kaifi Azmi Kaifiyat, Khushboo Hai Tou Bikhar Jaye Gi, and Rang Khushbu Roshni Urdu.

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